Leslie Niermeyer

Level 2 Personal Trainer


B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science

Emphasis: Corporate Fitness 

Monkey Bar Gymnasium - Certified Natural Trainer 

Certified Teacher - Physical Education (early childhood-12th grade)


Leslie has worked in the fitness industry since 1995 as a PE teacher and athletic coach transitioning to a trainer and gym owner in 2012.  Passionate about movement from a young age, her life has always had a particular focus and joy centered around athletics, recreation, and fitness training.  She feels her greatest value as a trainer is to coach with compassion, careful attention, encouragement, and to make certain clients experience growth and success by always challenging them to progress beyond their perceived capabilities.  She specializes in making adjustments in order to accommodate and challenge clients at any skill level.  While providing a fun and trusting atmosphere, Leslie's style of training centers around functional, full-body movements aimed to attain a healthy, strong, mobile, and aligned body.  She believes the keys to overall health and fitness are a foundation of fundamental skills, increasing the speed and resistance to those skills, mindful eating, daily physical activity that you enjoy, and rest and recovery.